Happy New Year

PaceMkr starts the year with a pack of new features

PaceMkr starts the year with a set of new features:

  • Jira Cloud faster downloads (15% faster)
  • Daily throughput visualization for better forecasting
  • Zoom in on cycle time scatterplot and Aging Wip charts

Jira Cloud support

Faster downloads

Integration to your Jira Cloud instance has been improved and downloading your data now takes 15% less time than before.

The underlying statuses of your columns are now more tightly integrated with PaceMkr which means your complex boards are now understood by PaceMkr.

Don't forget that according to PaceMkr data policy, none of your Jira project data is saved on our servers. PaceMkr solely acts as a gateway between your Jira instance and PaceMkr which resides in your browser.

Daily throughput

More flexibility for better predictability

The throughput chart has been enhanced to make it easier for you to narrow the right throughput you want to look at.

You can now toggle a daily or weekly throughput. For users who prefer a daily view of their throughput, this is easy to do with the click of a button.

Daily throughputs users can also remove weekends from your forecasts if your team doesn't work on the weekends. Remove them from the chart with the click of a button and they will be ignored in your forecasting.

The rolling average can now be hidden and expect even more configuration around this chart in the upcoming year.

And remember, what you see and select in the throughput chart is being used exactly in the forecasting section.  

Zoom in on your charts

Say goodbye to those annoying outliers

Outliers and old active work items can be annoying in the cycle time scatter plot and Aging Wip charts, thus grouping your data set in a corner of your chart.  

A slider has been added to those charts to zoom in on your data for better analysis of your data set.

By moving the slider, you can adjust the max of the age or cycle time of your chart, thus zooming in on the data that you want to look at.

Get ready 2022

Better Azure DevOps integration. Saving your settings. WIP chart.  The year is just starting and PaceMkr product roadmap is already packed with additional features to make your experience frictionless in PaceMkr.

And you will also drive the direction of PaceMkr. Through your comments and feedback, we will tune PaceMkr to fit your needs.

We want to hear from you. What were your success stories with PaceMkr in 2021? Did it help you achieve your goal? Reach out and let us know.

Get trained

PaceMkr is your first step to use Kanban metrics in your teams. Become an expert with Kanban metrics through one of our classes. Our classes are guaranteed to run.

Read out what participants have to say about these leading edges classes.

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