Where am I speaking next or watch a past conference.

Upcoming conferences

None at the moment.

Past conferences

Sprinkler - June 2021

I'm back on Eric Laramée podcast The Sprinkler. This time, we talk about pull policies, the open assessment, and the end of estimations with Kanban. Language: French

Podcast on Agilibrium - February 2021

With Denis St-Michel, we discuss the value of Kanban, the new initiative and things in Kanban our profession is still not using. Language: French.

Agility 2020 - August 2020

I present the use of Kanban metrics in my Scrum teams. Language: English

Agile London - May 2020

During this 1h talk, I discuss Kanban metrics as an alternative to story points and velocity. Language: English

Agile Québec - May 2020

I was invited by the Agile community in Quebec City to talk about Kanban metrics as an alternative to story points and velocity. Language: French.

Agile Tour Quebec City - October 2018

As a co-founder of Agile Tour Quebec City in 2009, I was invited on a panel to reflect on the 10 years of the event. Language: French

Sprinkler - November 2018

I did a 1h podcast with Eric Laramé from the Sprinkler where we talked about Kanban within Scrum and Here's the full hour podcast in French:

Eric also made small excerpts from the podcast.

In the Daily Scrum with Kanban video below, I talk about how I use the work item age metric as a way to drive conversations in the daily Scrum.

We also discussed outcomes versus outputs. While the trend right now is around outputs, I had some insights how when outputs could be more useful.

And we hit a bit about the state of, an organization with whom I've been partnering since 2010.

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