Another month, another feature

You can now search for your work items directly at the top of PaceMkr.

The toolbar got some love also. In the image below, the label for the dates has been cleaned up and a Load File button is now shown when you are working with Excel or Csv files.

When you have too much data

PaceMkr introduces a search bar at the top to quickly find a work item. When you work with large data sets, you might be looking for a specific work item. Instead of going back to your Agile project management system to find the item, you can simply search for it in PaceMkr.

PaceMkr will tell you when it was completed, if it's still active or even invalid if the dates were backwards for a work item.

Search an item and find out why it isn't shown in your charts
We've updated the home page for a more professional look. Check it out!


Need help?

A series of tutorials have been published on PaceMkr to help you out if you are new to Kanban metrics. These tutorials are for beginners who just want to understand what they are looking at in PaceMkr.

Training anyone?

Get trained to get better with the metrics

Get a stronger understanding of the metrics presented in PaceMkr through a 2-day training class. There are actually two classes on the market to broaden and deepen your skills with Kanban metrics.

Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK)

If you operate inside of Scrum, this class teaches you how to do Kanban the right way and how to apply the Kanban metrics to your Scrum events. This is an intermediate class for Scrum practitioners who want to go beyond the basics.

French classes

English classes

Applying Metrics for Predictability (AMP)

Master everything in PaceMkr through a deep dive class. The AMP class goes into the details of the Kanban metrics. Go deep with Monte Carlo simulations. Get a solid understanding of all the info in the WIP aging chart. Practice how to read different shapes in the cycle time scatter plot. After this class, you can answer any question someone might have in PaceMkr.

French classes

English classes

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